Handmade 1/12" Scale Miniatures for the Dollhouse Kitchen, Pantry and Dining


Small Scale Showcase is an independent distributor of high quality miniatures. Having been involved with
miniatures for over 3 decades, we decided to use our expertise and knowledge to bring Artisans, of high calibre
miniatures, and collectors together within one web site.

For Artisans it gives them a wider market to sell and distribute their superior collectibles. For the collector it is a
One-Stop-Shop for the best of miniatures.

We feature 1:12 scale miniatures and focus on a variety of different products that can be used in various environs.
From furniture to kitchen ware; from brass to glass; we offer the collector the best place to shop on the web for

We encourage new artisans to market their creations globally with a professional distribution service that moves
their goods to the collector in a fast, easy and professional manner.

We also bring awareness to the marketplace about new products, new Artisans and updates on shows through
our monthly newsletter.

What we are to the Collector

We are a One-Stop-Shop for 1:12 scale high quality miniatures created by Artisans. We focus on Dollhouse
kitchen, pantry and dining-room furniture and accessories. By representing and featuring many Artisans on the
one web-site we allow the collector to co-ordinate all aspects of their collection.

•  One web site
•  One Shopping cart
•  One shipment
•  Many choices

What we are to the Artisan

We offer the Artisan a web site that caters to their vision of superior miniature collectibles. Professional marketing,
warehousing and shipping enables a higher sales volume with a secure-no risk-fully automated payment system.

Our “Featured Products” helps the Artisan to highlight new creations.

These benefits allow the Artisan to focus on their craftsmanship without having to worry about marketing, web
design and updates, shipping costs and administration.

The added feature of global distribution makes Small Scale Showcase the one place Artisans of high quality
miniatures will want to be.

Check the Artisan Application for further information
Drinking Glasses with Coloured Rims
Floral Square Dinner Set
Light Blue Flower Dinner Set
New Items for March!
Silver Tone Flatware -4 Place Settings
Red Pet Set
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Artisan handmade 1:12 ( one inch ) scale dollhouse miniature dishes - Light Blue Flower Ceramic Dinner Set
Artisan handmade 1:12 ( one inch) scale dollhouse miniature - Silver Flatware ( Cutlery)
Artisan handmade 1:12 ( one inch ) scale dollhouse miniature dishes - Floral Square Dinner Set
Artisan handmade 1:12 ( one inch ) scale dollhouse miniature drinking glass with coloured rims
Artisan Handmade 1:12 ( one inch ) scale dollhouse miniature pet bowl set - 2 red bowls and fabric placemat with black pawprints